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The president of Vox in the municipality of Cazalilla (Jaén), Joaquín Ibarra Montoro, has disseminated a video through his Facebook account in which, while carrying the pre-constitutional flag, burn up to six Barça shirts: “Look what I do with a team that doesn't feel Spanish. We are Spanish, and this is what there is.”

At the beginning of the recording, the man explains that he was formerly a fan of the Barca team, but due to the club's support for the independence movement that is starring in demonstrations and riots in the Catalan capital, he says that He is “ashamed” to continue supporting them. “That they give ass to these shits, because they are independentista shits. You will see what I am going to do with them, you are going to freak out.”

Then, set fire to the six shirts while holding up the Francoist flag. “Even if I wear the chicken flag (in reference to the eagle) I am Spanish. I'm not a Francoist … Well, yes, I'm from Franco, and I don't care. But these are crowds. Paying us taxes for these people. ”

“Look what I do with a team that does not feel Spanish. We are Spanish, and this is what there is,” said the president of the Santiago Abascal party in the town of Jiennense.

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