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Gerard Piqué He was the guest star of the special program of La Resistencia recorded at the Caja Mágica in Madrid on the occasion of the Davis Cup organized by the company that runs the FC Barcelona headquarters. Piqué left several responses to David Broncano that made the congregated audience laugh in the compound, but he was also booed on a couple of occasions, precisely when he threw darts at Real Madrid.

One of the first issues Bronano dealt with Piqué was about Ansu Fati, who at 17 is one of LaLiga's revelations. The presenter joked about what the culé squad had breakfast and how he goes to training, since he has no driving age.

Piqué bargained the question and took the opportunity to trick Jordi Alba because he does not have a card, since “he does not even want to try it,” according to the player, who said that “his father or brother take him” to training. “Wow,” said Broncano, who asked if “Does your mother clothe you at night?”

The Catalan defender took the opportunity to reveal a curiosity of the day that revealed his telephone number through social networks, since one of the people who contacted him was a Real Madrid worker who is his fan. Piqué revealed that he asked permission to put the content on social networks, to which in principle he said yes … but then he demanded and asked not to do so.

However, Piqué also took some low blow, since when he was negotiating a bet with Broncano from the public he was shouted that he could bet the Liverpool Champions medal, in reference to the painful elimination of the culé set of the last edition . Piqué was visibly upset and criticized that the comment was “a low blow.”

Broncano hesitated Sergio Ramos for the yellow controversy he provoked before Ajax and brought him a sanction, to which Piqué replied that “those in Madrid have their rules”, which made him take a new boo from the public.

They were not the only moments in which Madrid was talked about, since the presenter asked the Barcelona player if he has the number of Florentino Pérez and tried to investigate what topic they could talk between them.

The meeting between Gerard Piqué and David Broncano was joined by tennis players Pablo Carreño and Diego Schwartzman, who will compete in the Davis Cup with the teams from Spain and Argentina, respectively, and will star in a match with Piqué, Broncano and other collaborators of the program.

Broncano took the opportunity to pull the tongue to the athletes, who ended up recognizing that they have asked for a shirt from Piqué in exchange for their collaboration. Schwartzman confessed that he has asked for “Leo's”, something that Broncano took the opportunity to ask “What Leo?”, While Carreño hopes to get an elastic from Sergio Ramos' Spanish team.

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