“I've had black episodes in Manchester. I've finished at the police station more than once.”

Piqué, during a match.

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Gerard Piqué is, without a doubt, one of the great protagonists of the documentary of FC Barcelona, ​​'Matchday', from his confession of party requests to Valverde to his comments after winning at the Bernabéu. Now another jewel has left the center in which he recalls his stage in Manchester.

“I've had very black episodes in this city myself. I have finished at the police station more than once. Better not to touch them … “he confessed with laughter to Valverde and Xavi Guarte, Barça press officer.” My time as a young man. I was here and it was nobody. ”

“I rented the flat from Sir Alex. I bought a rabbit and destroyed the house. The rabbit bit all the chairs, everything“The defense told him while they both listened in amazement.” And when I left, he called me one day indignantly. Besides that this (Ferguson) is from the shell. More Catalan than the host. It has pasta to stop a train. ” he added, tearing out the laughs of Valverde and Guarte.

However, Piqué himself admits that that was not “the best” story with Ferguson (or worse, it depends on how you look at it). “Two or three days before Christmas they make a party only team players. And it is the host, they are leaving the pot, but very strong. Its all day. You leave the training, they already leave the cars in the sports city and take a coach. We went to the casino. Casino, party … The next day, Sir Alex Ferguson awaits us in the locker room. All meeting. A row got in! There was an aluminum chair and he kicks him with the bad luck he gets in the warm. And you see that he starts to limp. He had broken his leg. It was spectacular. From there, the Christmas Party was stopped, ”said the defense before the laughter of Valverde.

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