“I don't want to go back to football”

An image of Ramón Calderón. (EFE)

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He Malaga CF It is in a critical situation. The patient is dying and has two months to live, at best. There is a serious conflict between Al thani, current owner of the club, and Malaga itself. He is more than credited that the sheikh, when he bought the club, invested 180 million euros and now, for various reasons, he has tired of putting money and has abandoned all his relationship with the team.

To refloat the club, Al Thani has hired the American Richard Shaheen, an expert economist in looking for solutions to companies with financial difficulties. The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, and the authorities of the Arab country want to solve the problem as soon as possible.

The former president of Real Madrid is trying to help the two shareholders, Blue bay, a hotel group owned by the tycoon Jamal Satli Iglesias who has set his sights on the capital of the Costa del Sol, and the Sheikh Qatari agree to recompose a complex relationship that, if not resolved soon, could lead to Malaga to find itself in a situation similar to that experienced by Reus last season.

The football team it needs between 8 and 10 million euros Immediate injection if you want to survive. Calderón is trying to transfer the urgency of the situation to the Qataris. If they do not contribute, or do not get additional income for that amount, Malaga dies.

Calderón and Shaheen met in La Rosaleda to put the papers on the table. The Director General, who was very receptive and collaborative, explained the situation and possible solutions to save the Club. In addition, at that meeting, Calderón told him that, if necessary, he could put them in contact with several companies willing to enter the shareholding, contributing an amount that would allow them to get out of the current traffic jam in which the Entity is currently.

“I will not be president of Malaga. I don't want to go back to football. I am simply advising and contributing my grain of sand to try to help a club and a city, to which I have a lot of love. I already lived in the best team in the world what it means to be president, ”he explains in conversation to Sportyou.

“I will not be president of Malaga (…) I already lived in the best team in the world what it means to be president”

Calderón: “Barça bores me until Messi appears”

Although now his name is going to be linked to Malaga, Ramón Calderón does not lose his eye to his Real Madrid. “Now they are playing very well, very close together, with great solidity. I really like how they play,” admits Palentino.

“I think they will win the Classic. They are better than Barça, “says a Calderón, although” when he appears Leo Messi everything is different. “In this sense, the former white leader points out that” Barça is a bit boring if Messi does not appear, because Leo is the great advantage that Barcelona has over any other team. “

Can you imagine Ramón Calderón in the Bernabéu box, winning Real Madrid but representing Málaga? “No, I would not like it. I have not thought about it, nor have they proposed it to me. Man, if they hire me as an employee of Malaga and on their behalf, I would go, but I cannot imagine being a rival of Real Madrid.”

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