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The initiative 'Invulnerable' driven by La Caixa Foundation, through your program CaixaProinfància, and with the help of FC Barcelona and the Generalitat of Catalunya, against child poverty this morning has presented a new promotional video that appeals to all Catalan civil society to act.

The program driven by Sr. Lucia Caram is attending more than 700 families and more than 1000 children in a situation of poverty in Catalonia. CaixaProinfància works so that children between the ages of 0 and 18 in situations of poverty or social exclusion throughout the Spanish State have the same opportunities as other infants.

The goal is to break the circle of poverty that is transmitted from parents to children, and also promote new forms of care focused on social and educational development, through a set of grants that social entities deploy with the work methodology established by the program.

As Sr. Lucia Caram explained, in Catalonia there is a 28.6% of child poverty, which means that 1 out of every 3 children is lacking in their needs to live. Given this fact, Caram has warned that “we cannot build a country if we do not bet on the family” because if we don't all work, we will fail “.

'Invulnerable'works to break the circle of hereditary poverty in more than 11 municipalities, forming 14 networks of work at the hand of local administrations and 49 social entities. Among some of these municipalities we find Manresa, Tortosa, Lleida, Figueres or Girona.

Sport as a transformation tool

With the support of FC Barcelona and the Generalitat of Catalunya The project wants to involve the whole society, from km 0, as the most effective way of working and transforming child poverty.

Through the alliance with the club and its Foundation, and with the support of the confederation of clubs, more than 100 awareness talks. In addition, in all the territories where the initiative operates the program has been implemented Net Soccer, reaching almost 400 children of 'Invulnerable'.

The patron of the Club Foundation, Tono Tombas, has highlighted the importance of these programs that help children at risk of social exclusion “can return to society and don't get lost. ”

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