Barça is reunited in a football and goals festival against Mallorca

Barça is reunited in a football and goals festival against Mallorca

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He FC Barcelona imposed on Majorca by 4-2 offering a great image at the Camp Nou. Valverde'sthey met their best football again, signing a very big first part that ended the match for the Azuglranas. Messi offered his new Golden Ball before the game, and during the game, he showed why he deserves it.

The game started very well for the Catalans. Despite an arrival in the first minutes of Mallorca, a great against Griezmann after a long throw from Ter Stegen, he put the 1-0 in the 7th minute. A French start put him alone against the goalkeeper and ended up defining with a fantastic Vaseline. Ten minutes later, Messi he would score his first goal of the night with a interned from the right that crossed to the goalkeeper's long suit, to vary.

The Barcelona festival followed, with a touch football very fast with the top three very generous. However the Mallorca would cut distances ten minutes from the break with a shot of Budimir, which after hitting in Lenglet sneaked into the Barcelona goal. Just five and seven minutes later, Messi would expand to 3-1, and Suarez would put the room with an impossible heel goal.

After the break, Barcelona went down and the match would be tempered in the second part. Kubo was the best of Mallorca and the one that most proposed of the island group. Budimir he saw the door again in 64 to put the 4-2. Mallorca without excessive danger, had a very clear opportunity to make the third, but a hand of Ter Stegen would prevent it. In 83, Messi would get to close his hat-trick with a great goal after a great combination with his best partner, Luis Suarez, and thus become a leader in the classification of Pichichi.

The match ended with a 5-2that puts FC Barcelona at the top of the LaLiga classification, and one more day makes the advance of Real Madrid void. Those of Valverde returned to show their great football of yesteryear to offer an exhibition to just one Classic match against Real Madrid.

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