“There are players in a bubble and you can't reason with them”

Leo Messi celebrates his goal for Borussia de Dortmund in his 700 game.

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Leo Messi He was the total protagonist of the victory of FC Barcelona over Real Mallorca 5-2. In addition to scoring three of the five goals, the Blaugrana captain had a small encounter with Vicente Moreno, coach of the Balearic team.

After a foul on the Argentine, who protested vehemently to the referee, Moreno began to complain to begin a small exchange of words that had to stop Rakitic to prevent it from getting older. Even the fourth referee had to intervene so that the thing did not go from mother.

Moreno explained what happened after the game, in the press room. “It doesn't matter if you're angry or not. It doesn't matter. There are players who are in a bubble and you can't reason with them. For some things it is a different player, and for others it is a person like any other and you have to treat it as such, “he explained to the media, although he later subtracted the matter.

“I was telling the referee that it was not necessary and he did not see it that way. We should not give it more importance,” he said about it. After this defeat, Mallorca remains in the dangerous zone of the classification, with only 14 points.

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