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The conflict between the president of FC Barcelona Josep Maria Bartomeu and the yotuber AuronPlay The day of the Classic postponed to December 18 came to an end. In that game there was a encounter between the protagonists that ended with a handshake and a curious gift from youtuber to the leader: a doll of Nobita, the character of Doraemon who began his confrontation.

It all started the summer of 2017, when Raúl Álvarez, AuronPlay's real name, announced that he had been denounced by Bartomeu after referring to him as 'Nobita', This way of calling the leader because of his resemblance to the character of the Japanese series of drawings became popular, something that the president of Barça did not like .

However, Bartomeu and the youtuber, which has almost 18 million subscribers on its channel, shared a while in the VIP area of ​​Camp Nou and They filed rough edges. In that place AuronPlay He received as a detail a shirt of Barcelona, ​​while he gave the president a Nobita doll, the source of the conflict.

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F.C. Barcelona Sport News

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