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The new Super Cup of Spain and its end has ‘burned’ to FC Barcelona. Or rather: it has deranged its managers. Josep María Bartomeu and his board members pushed Ernesto Valverde incomprehensibly to the stake after losing to Atlético de Madrid without assessing that he is the leader of LaLiga. What's next in the Champions League and still eligible for all the titles at stake. Not even the most fierce Real Madrid fan could have done it worse than Bartomeu and his team.

For greater misfortune, Real Madrid won a Supercopa to which he went as a guest and without having won anything at all. With this Madrid title, FC Barcelona has become even more indignant and in the face of the more certain anger at the box of the Camp Nou on Sunday against Granada, the shameless managers tell the 'soci culé' that the great culprit of all the evils of FC Barcelona is only Ernesto Valverde.

The victory of Real Madrid in the Supercopa of Spain, the defeat against Atlético de Madrid of Barça in the semifinals (and, above all, how it happened) have fueled the embers of a Barca fire that, with the winds that blew from Rome and Liverpool, the strange thing is that they had not burned Ernesto Valverde much earlier. Surely the Super Cup is important for the Madrid curriculum, but the fire that it has caused in ‘Can Barça’ is even more so and Xavi Hernández and Bartomeu will not put it out in such magnitude as a firefighter.

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