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The prolegomena of the match of the 21st round of The league between Valencia and the FC Barcelona got stained by the brutal crowd fight between ultras radicals of both teams around Mestalla.

The massive incident, which involved a hundred fans of each team, left one arrested and sixty identified, EFE reported citing police sources, who also reported that the arrested person is a member of the Boixos Nois and was arrested on judicial claim.

These sources also explained that the group of ultras followers of the Catalan club approached the Hobby Square, located in front of the main platform of the Mestalla field, where the radical followers of Valencia were.

That's when it started a massive confrontation which required the intervention of police officers who were in the immediate vicinity of the stadium.

In the confrontation there were throws of all kinds of objects and exchanges of blows with sticks and other elements, in addition to the launch of flares, bottles and even ashtrays and chairs from the terraces of the area.

After the incidents, eyewitnesses to what happened they spread images of what happened on their social networks. A moment was registered by the mobile of a person who was inside a bar where people felt fear for their safety the images and left a good record of the brutality of those involved in the brawl.

Other images show how those involved hit themselves with punches and sticks, threw themselves plastic cones and flares that have caused smoke and also the tables and chairs of the bars that were open next to the stadium.

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