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Quique Setiéntechnician Barcelona, valued the defeat of his team in Mestalla at the hands of Valencia, the first who suffers the Cantabrian as coach of the Catalan team in the three games he has played at the head of Barça.

As for the game, Setién pointed out that “the reality is that we have not been well at all, especially the first part. We have not found the way to go to the rival goal. There have been things that we have not understood well. Then Valencia takes advantage of your mistakes. “

Asked if the defeat was due to an attitude problem, the Cantabrian denied it, because he saw his players “engaged. We have not been well positioned, we have not understood some things, as they have raised the game. It has cost us. We have given a lot of meaningless passes, just by having it. You lack depth and ability to harm. “

The Cantabrian alleged a communication problem with the team. “They still don’t interpret well or maybe we don’t explain them well. No one likes what we have seen today. Valencia has committed us, it has closed us well. Positionally there are things that we have to correct because we have given many passes without meaning, without depth. We don’t work to do this.. In the first part we have not been well, it is best that we have gone to rest with a zero draw. In the second half the team has improved somewhat and we were able to get into the game, although this is not enough for us, “he said.

Setién also pointed out that it is necessary to improve in the defensive aspect because “there is a important part of the job that is to influence this topic a lot. Be well placed and make good surveillance. Valencia is a great team. He has come out of the pressure several times very well and has dangerous soccer players that hurt you. “

On the expectations of the team, Setién admitted that “the only thing we are valuing is the position of some players and the understanding they should have of what we want. And more when we have a team like Valencia ahead of us, which defensively has done very well. “And, about De Jong, the coach commented that”many times it is a matter of understanding. He has done many things well. He is a great footballer who has been playing in a concrete way and now we are asking for others. You need time to understand them. “

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