Willian José, Loren, Angel, Lucas Pérez … Barça looks for a striker thinking about the summer

Willian José, Loren, Angel, Lucas Pérez ... Barça looks for a striker thinking about the summer

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Confirmation that Dembélé will miss the rest of the season has reactivated the plan to sign a forward. After a winter market in which an unsuccessful attacker was sought, the withdrawal of the Frenchman forces to return to look for some cash for an offensive area that has been greatly reduced by the injuries (to that of Ousmane is added that of Luis Suárez, low until April approximately) and sales (especially that of Carles Pérez).

The way in which the Barça entity will act is conditioned by the plan for summer, where the idea is to sign an elite striker. The big goal is Lautaro Martínez, a pure nine that is seen as the ideal substitute for Luis Suarez, while the option of a return of Neymar It will be shuffled again. Two very expensive operations, as both Inter Milan and PSG will ask for figures close to 100 million euros in both cases.

Thus, the objective is that the attacker who arrives is, if possible, versatile. This, together with its price, complicates the arrival of one of the names that have sounded the most in recent days: Willian José. The Real Sociedad striker is a pure nine for which the San Sebastian ask for a figure of around 50 million. The realistic club does not want to run out of one of its key players if it is not in exchange for a large amount, even more so considering that they will not be able to sign a replacement. The Hispanic-Brazilian has a clause of 70 million euros, amount that FC Barcelona will not pay under any circumstances.

Similar is the case of Loren Morón, a pure nine who Quique Setién took from the Betic quarry and who knows perfectly. Its price is somewhat more affordable, as it could be between 25 and 35 million euros, but it is also a pure nine.

The versatility and price is, instead, the great asset for the arrival of Angel Rodriguez. The Canary is a very fast forward who can play both nine and second-hand as he fell to one of the bands. Its low profile (it is a substitute in Getafe) is its great but, because it would not be well seen by a good part of the fans, but its price – it has a only 10 million clause euros – no mortgage or the present (when Luis Suarez returns) or the future.

An option that earns integers is that of Lucas Pérez. He exploded in Deportivo, failed in his adventure in the Premier and on his return to the Spanish League is again exhibiting a great level, as made clear by his nine goals and four assists in the domestic tournament this season. Lefty of great quality, it would adapt well to any of the positions of the attack both in a 4-3-3 and in a 4-4-2. The price is also affordable, its clause is 15 million.

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