Barcelona sees its salary limit reduced by 15 million euros

Barcelona sees its salary limit reduced by 15 million euros

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The staff cost limit of the FC Barcelona was reduced after the January transfer market by 15 million euros, of the 671,429 million with those who had at the beginning of the season as a cap to 656,429 million after the month of January, as reported on Thursday The league.

This decrease in the staff cost limit is due to operations that have “consumed their limit”, a situation that is “something normal”, according to the director general of LaLiga, José Guerra, during a meeting with the media to explain how the employer determines this salary limit.

“When comparing the figures of Barcelona we see a decrease, but other clubs have had promotion. It can happen for many things, since you have budgeted income that is not met, for example your participation in certain European or national competitions or that the objectives you had at the beginning have not been met, “added Guerra.

LaLiga Santander clubs usually use on average between 75% and 80% of their staffing limit

LaLiga Santander clubs usually use on average between 75% and 80% of its staff expenditure limit, and those that have increased their limit in January compared to September are Espanyol (17.6 million more), Getafe (7.51), Valencia (6.43), Celta de Vigo (6, 2), Villarreal (4.8), Real Sociedad, Mallorca, Valladolid, Granada, Betis and Osasuna. In addition to Barcelona, ​​only Alavés has reduced its limit, by 0.4 million euros.

In the case of Spanish, which has significantly increased its staff cost limit, Guerra explained that the ‘parakeet’ club has carried out operations that have led to that increase and pointed out that this is the information of the limit that they have “available”, not what They have consumed in wages.

How is the salary limit calculated?

The Template cost limit is calculated subtracting the costs of structure and short and long-term debt commitments from the club, for which LaLiga analyzes its updated financial statements and compares them with previous seasons, information that is “homogeneous” among all teams.

As explained Luis Garcia Bravo, analyst of the Economic Control team of LaLiga, the salary limit includes both the inscribable staff (players of the first team registered, coach, second and physical trainer) and the non-registrable (other players and coaching staff not enrolled, affiliate team).

This salary includes fixed and variable remuneration – in which LaLiga takes into account at least the minimum salary, of 160,000 euros per year in First and 80,000 in second-, the remuneration for image rights, the amortization of the cost of the transfer, the Social Security payments, the compensation by end of contract, the cousins, expenses of acquisition, licenses federation and mandatory purchase options in ceded players.

In the latter case, that of a transferred player, when that transfer has a mandatory or easily compliant purchase option (for LaLiga, it is considered that when the condition is permanence or that the player plays one or five games), it is computed also 25% of the future acquisition cost of the player.

What to do when the salary limit is reached?

Regarding how clubs can increase the cost of your sports squad, the rule includes an increase for sports reasons, which include a possible increase to hire a possible coaching staff in case of dismissal of the previous one, which must “compensate immediately” and also an injury of a long-term player.

A club that has exhausted its salary limit and have a long-term injured footballer, you can increase your limit on the inscribable squad by 4%, prorated throughout the season to hire a new player, as long as the regulations allow it, the cost of which cannot exceed 80% of the injured.

Other options for increase the cost limit it is an increase in income (for tickets, subscriptions, a new commercial contract) or for capital contributions of the shareholders, in which case that amount could only be used immediately 25%, since it must be charged for four seasons, and only clubs with a healthy situation can spend it in signings, since those with worse circumstances only They can spend a part.

“When a shareholder wants to strengthen his staff, he must think not only of what happens in that season, but in the following ones. If I add extra money to a club and it helps me to hire players over the structural capacity of the club, If I don’t put that money in the following year, I’m going to generate a negative financial situation in this club, “Guerra explained.

In this winter market, LaLiga clubs spent 110 million euros on player purchases and entered 94 million for sales; and in the accumulated one of the season, the cost is of 1,402 million euros invested in purchases of players and of 1,263 million received in sales of soccer players.

First Division salary limits

  1. Barcelona 656,429 million (-15 million)
  2. Real Madrid 641,049 (0)
  3. Atlético de Madrid 348,500 (0)
  4. Seville 185,166 (0)
  5. Valencia 177,107 (+6.43)
  6. Villarreal 113,387 (+4.8)
  7. Athletic Club 103,183 (0)
  8. Real Betis 102,426 (+2.08)
  9. Espanyol 86,338 (+17.6)
  10. Real Sociedad 85,572 (+4.43)
  11. Celtic 68,323 (+6.2)
  12. Getafe 63,799 (+7.51)
  13. Lift 54,604 (0)
  14. Leganés 52,082 (0)
  15. Alavés 49,371 (-0.4)
  16. Eibar 47,123 (0)
  17. Osasuna 38,846 (+0.15)
  18. Pomegranate 37,898 (+2.43)
  19. Valladolid 34,867 (+2.83)
  20. Mallorca 33,533 (+3.56)

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