Valencia Basket will block all those who insult, after a new episode in networks against Nikola Mirotic

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The problem of insults on social networks It’s been worrying for a long time. The ‘community manager’ of any official account of estates, sports teams or the athletes themselves, every day, receive insulting, mischievous mentions and many of them criminal.

In the Copa del Rey basketball has happened, and Valencia Basket has taken action. During the match against FC Barcelona, ​​its star Nikola Mirotic It was the focus of the anger of the fans. Not even many were from the ‘taronja’ set, but some were simply for hatred of hispanomontenegrin. Therefore, from the official Twitter account of Valencia Basket they have made a drastic decision: they will block all who insult.

“In a little while we will proceed to block all those who have included an insult in a tweet and we are mentioned. Whether or not for us, be fond of the team that is“, they wrote after the game.

Valencia Basket is thus covered before a barrage of messages they will receive in the semifinal match against Real Madrid, one of the most followed and media teams of the ACB.

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