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The FC Barcelona he worked to leave the victory at home in the visit of Getafe (2-1). The Bordalás were ahead before by mediation of Nyom, but the VAR denied them the glory, and then, a Barça de Setién spare part of the initial arreón de los azulones, who dominated the start, managed to get 2-0 with goals from Griezmann and Sergi Roberto. Party time exceeded, Getafe returned to charge before a more relaxed Barça and shortened thanks to Angel, intended by Barça, who put the 2-1 final.

The first measures of the match were for Bordalás, who had several options to inaugurate the scoreboard, which they got thanks to Nyom, but the video arbitration detected a lack of action by the Franco-Cameroonian defense.

Setien’s team had a hard time finding their place, but the Messi – Griezmann connection finally prevailed and of the magic of the Argentine and the success in the definition of French The first goal of the match was born.

Five minutes later, Sergi Roberto extended the distances on the scoreboard and Barça left satisfied with the locker room, with dominion over the field and in the result.

And so the second part began, with a excess of tranquility of both sets that soon translated into a new step in front of Getafe. The Bordalás saw the least impossible game with the entry of Angel, who made the 2-1 and gave wings to the Madrid team that, from that moment, put the Setién against the ropes.

The clash was not exempt from arbitral controversy, especially in the second part, where the Blues, yellow on Saturday afternoon, They claimed up to two penalties that the VAR did not consider as such.

The Getafe had it in an action in which Ter Stegen once again, he mutated in handball goalkeeper to, on three occasions in the same play, remove the ghosts from their area.

In the last minutes, Barça was once again defeated in defense and wasted time before a Getafe who lacked aim. Extend to ten points the Barca team with respect to Madrid and puts pressure on Real Madrid, who equals points in the absence of Zidane playing Sunday against Celta.

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