The Barcelona-Eibar starts with a blink and delay due to problems with the VOR room

Someone hit a Real Madrid shield just below the president of Barça

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The encounter between the FC Barcelona and the Eibar corresponding to the 25th day of The league who measured both teams at the Camp Nou began with double controversy. The first was because of the barrage of the Barca fans against the club leaders, who have been involved in several scandals in the last weeks. The second, for some communication problems with the VOR room that delayed the beginning of the meeting.

The institutional crisis of Barça began after the dismissal of Ernesto Valverde, was aggravated after the confrontation between Messi and Abidal and acquired cosmic dimensions when it was revealed that the club culé financed websites and social media accounts to stain the image of players, such as Messi, among other familiar faces of Barcelona.

To all this we must add that the results did not accompany After the arrival of Setién, they gave up the LaLiga leadership and fell eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey for a Williams goal in the discount.

These problems led Barça fans to show your anger in the prolegomena of the league match against Eibar, since they dedicated a loud whistle and a cloth to Bartomeu, who was asked to resign.

Technical problems

Beyond the protest of the fan of Barcelona, ​​the meeting was marked by the delay with which the ball rolled. The referee should signal the beginning at 4:00 p.m., something usual for issues related to television broadcasting. However, the duel of Camp Nou started 8 minutes late due to communication problems between the arbitration trio and the VOR room.

The setback was due to the referee César Soto Grado had no communication with those responsible for handling the VAR, led by Juan Martínez Muniera.

The referee communicated the situation to the captains of both teams before signaling the start of the match, which started with the fourth arbitrator acting as intermediaryWell, I was connected with Martínez Munuera by phone

After a quarter of an hour of play, television broadcasters reported that the problem was solved, although a few minutes later the system fell again.

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