“They talk a lot about quarry and in the end …”

Someone hit a Real Madrid shield just below the president of Barça

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Carles Pérez I saw this summer as one of his big dreams It came true: debut with the first team of FC Barcelona. The end was based on the eleven start of the team at the start of the season before the plague of injuries that affected the Camp Nou and was of the most excited players in the Barca quarry. However, that dream lasted until January.

In the winter market, Barcelona chose to exit the youth squad in the direction of Rometo raise money, as was done with his partner, Abel Ruíz.

Two large La Masía prospects were leaving in the last days of the market.

About his departure, Carles Pérez wanted to speak in an interview in Mundo Deportivo. “I am hurt more than anything by the ways. I believe that they haven’t behaved well in the end, but I am grateful to Barcelona. I’m a boy who has given everything for Barça since childhood“, he began arguing.

“My dream was to reach the first team, I got it and now they took it from me without reason. And more with the performances he was doing, “he commented between clear indications of frustration.

In the same way, take the opportunity to send a message to the board of the club, who likes to talk about the quarry so much. “They talk a lot about quarry and in the end they show the opposite. Anyway, I don’t have a bad image of Barça, I’m grateful, but I didn’t like the shapes“he added.

“My dream was to reach the first team, I got it and now it was taken without reason”

Pérez, who premiered in his first game with Roma as a scorer, admits that does not think about the option of scoring that the club has to re-fish it: “Since I left I have not thought about that. Barça is past and I am focused on Rome, although I don’t know what will happen in the future.”


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