“I thought the president didn’t know anything”


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Gerard Piqué He attended the media on the day before the match against Barça with Naples corresponding to the first leg of the Champions League round of 16.

The central azulgrana he approached, as usual, bluntly, the extra-sports themes that have marked the current status of FC Barcelona in recent weeks, with the high point in the scandal of social media accounts managed by a company paid by the club and that he attacked, among other players and ex-players, “He bothered me? I would not know how to say, I don’t care. Social networks are uncontrollable and everyone can say whatever they want,” he reflected.

“Regarding president’s explanations, as I saw it, I thought he did not know … In the meeting I was a little touched, but I would not give it more laps, “he said, in relation to the meeting that Bartomeu had with the heavy weights of the locker room to explain the situation.

In those convulsive days, Piqué called a puppet-related journalist “puppet” on Twitter, an episode that has also downplayed him: “It was not a message to the board of directors. All directives and people of power have like-minded people and that give them a sense of protection. If the team works, it doesn’t matter what happens inside the club or economic numbers, “he said.

I think it is giving too much importance, we focus on the game and the rest is a lot of noise, with a club like Barça it is difficult to control the noise and we are a little unprotected the players, but it is part of the club and we know the responsibility we have, “said Piqué, who hopes to make a good game in Naples and” focus on sports. ”

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