The stele sneaks into the CSKA

The stele sneaks into the CSKA

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The journalists who covered the match between the Moscow CSKA and the FC Barcelona from Euroleague a press dossier with data from both teams was found, as always in each game. In it, the record, the templates and statistics appeared in Cyrillic and, heading each page, the national flags of the country to which they belong. At least, it should have been.

As Manel Alías, a correspondent for TV3 and Catalunya Radio in the Russian capital, shared, while next to the CSKA the country’s teaching appeared, next to Barça not only did the Spanish, not even the Catalan official, appear, but they had placed the Catalan independence flag, the Estelada.

This alleged failure has raised many suspicions because of the context in which it occurred. Russia is at the center of suspicion for the alleged interference he has made in the independence process, so that some users have seen in this failure of the Moscow club a propaganda movement more, especially when the CSKA is the team of the Russian army historically aligned with what they dictate from the Kremlin.

The match was won by FC Barcelona for a very tight 80-82, with a genality of Nikola Mirotic at the last moment.

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