LaLiga denies the fight between Real Madrid and Barcelona ultras

Fans of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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A match between Real Madrid Y FC Barcelona It is considered high risk regardless of the state of form of both teams, the competition that is played or the sporting importance of the match.

In particular, the State security forces and bodies focus on the ultras groups of both teams, which for the Bernabéu duel they have already had their moment of prominence.

According has informed the COPE chain, two groups of radical fans from Real Madrid and Barcelona have stayed for fight each other before the start of the match in the Madrid fief. Specifically, it has been in the area of ​​Avenida de Brasil, about 200 meters from the Bernabéu.

From LaLiga, however, they have denied that there has been any fight, and they affirm that Nothing has happened between Boixos Nois and Ultras Sur.

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