Real Madrid passes over Barça and takes the lead to the rhythm of Vinícius

The Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has four children. Alana Martina, Cristiano Jr., Eva María and Mateo.

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The real Madrid has ended its drought before the Barcelona thanks to the goals of Vinícius, who was fortunate because he played in Piqué, and an unexpected hero: Mariano, who had barely played a few minutes this season.

Media League was at stake in the Santiago Bernabéu and Real Madrid gave a real blow on the table. Took the three points and he did it fairly, being much better than Barça, especially in a second part of clear local color. The leadership changes sides and is now white.

Madrid left wanting to send, to take the initiative, to dominate, and his control was at the beginning of the crash. With Vinícius again as the main actor starting from the left, whites frequently arrived in the Barca area, but there they were made at night again and again, with special mention for the Brazilian, who always chose badly.

The Madrid team is an asymmetric team in which everything goes through the left of their attack, with the triangle Marcelo-Isco-Vini, but without any of his numerous attacks going well. In a very clear counterattack driven by the side, he chose the pass badly, not seeing Isco, and from the clear occasion of the whites he went to the culé replica, in which Griezmann almost mark after a good pass Jordi Alba.

A loose shot of Messi was the prelude of another clear for Barça, when Arthur he won the race to Kroos. The Brazilian, however, was not successful in the hand to hand before Courtois. The Belgian figure grew bigger and also won the game to Messi in a hard shot of the Argentine only before the goalkeeper.

The domain was still white, but on each arrival he chose badly over and over again. Two incursions of Vinícius ended in nothing because of the bad choices, or bad passes, of the Brazilian in the final meters.

Vinícius puts samba and goal

Vinícius celebrates his goal for Barcelona.

Madrid was unleashed after the break, going to look for Barça up, pressing his ball out, stealing in rival field and creating very clear occasions. To an impressive shot by Isco who took a big thread, Ter Stegen responded with an even more amazing stop. Y Piqué saved under sticks a header also from Malaga when Ter Stegen had already been overcome.

Barça was knocked out, disoriented, losing improper balls of their quality. A close shot from Benzema He almost became the first of the game, but the ball went too high in the face of the desperation of the French striker and the white fans, who did not understand how no goal had yet been achieved.

Setién moved token and put in the field to Braithwaite by Arturo Vidal, going from playing a 4-4-2 to a 4-3-3. The play almost went well within a minute of entering when the Danish beat Marcelo in speed and stood before Courtois. The Belgian, again, became huge to save both.

Piqué and Vinicius discuss during the Classic.

With the party turned to the white side, the prize came to the insistence, to faith, not to stop trying again and again. Vinícius received a great pass to the space of Kroos, got into the area and took advantage of the hallway behind Barça, who thought more in the center than in the shot. Y the Brazilian kicked, the ball hit Piqué and became the first of the game.

The clash went crazy, with Barça looking for a draw and Madrid finding many spaces against it. The best was Messi, who planted only before Courtois in race with Marcelo. The Brazilian, against prognosis, drew strength from where he did not have and won the game to the Argentine.

Piqué, FC Barcelona player

He was able to sentence Vinícius twice, but his great plays had no prize for very little. And from Barça nothing more was known, not even epic arrivals, his passage through the Bernabéu was very sad and received the lace in the 92nd minute: Mariano, who had just entered, sentenced with a goal that he himself did not seem to believe.

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