“Choose better next time”

Vinícius celebrates his goal for Barcelona.

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Carlos Sainz He has never hidden his passion for football in general and for Real Madrid in particular, which leads to circuits whenever he can, and taking advantage of the fact that he had not yet traveled to Australia for the start of the Formula 1 World Championship, he lived live in a Santiago Bernabéu box the Classic against FC Barcelona.

The McLaren rider and some friends celebrated the white victory in a big way, and in his instagram stories he has shared several videos of how he lived the goal of Vinícius, among other moments.

After the game, Sainz had the opportunity to go down to the changing room area where the white captain received him, Sergio Ramos. This meeting was recorded with a photo shared by the pilot himself, along with the text “Hala Madrid and nothing more”.

But the fun is not in this image, or not only. In one of the comments to the photo, Sainz sends a message to Lewis Hamilton.

  • Lewis Hamilton, with the colors of Barça.

The hexacampeón of the world declares himself a fan of Barça, and before the match he got wet with a club in which he predicted victory culé by 1-3. Although they had already had a wink on twitter, now Sainz has taken advantage of the image with Ramos to dedicate another: “Choose better next time”.

In addition to the photo with Ramos, Sainz took two signed Real Madrid shirts, one from the captain himself and another from the team’s goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois.

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