“I’m from Atleti, but not antimadridista, I’m doing well when Madrid wins”


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The anthill He received José Ramón de la Morena, presenter of The transistor on Wave Zero, who reviewed with Pablo Motos some of the most outstanding anecdotes of his professional career.

One of the most curious is his well-known love for Atlético de Madrid, something that Motos wanted to highlight: “You are a particular uncle in the world of sports because you were one of the first who said that team was: Did that cause you problems? “

The sports journalist replied that “It was a naive foolishness of youth. I came to the radio, I saw that everyone was from Real Madrid and Roberto Gómez, in one of those typical of him, asked me what team he was from. “

“I told him about Atleti, but these times that you say it with all the innocence of the world, but as I had already said in public I could no longer hide, “added the guest.

Motos acknowledged that it was “a gesture of honesty”, to which De la Morena replied that “it is a way to declare VAT. Objectivity is such a relative and impossible thing to achieve that if, at least you give the premises, they are taken away from you and the truth is a little more pure “.

The presenter wanted to know if his guest, being a rojiblanco fan, was anti-Real Madrid. To which the journalist replied that “I’m not anti-Real Madrid because I’m doing very well when Madrid wins. There are more listeners and I’m doing well”. Of course, he clarified that “that does not mean that he does not want Barcelona to win.”

It would seem like a tragedy for Madrid to fall in the Champions League. I would like them to follow them, Barça, Valencia and Atleti. If the four of them reached the semifinals already, I don’t even tell you, but it looks bad, “he concluded.

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