L’Equipe blames Barcelona for Dembélé’s injuries

Braithwaite, during his presentation with FC Barcelona

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Ousmane Dembélé lives an ordeal for injuries practically since he signed for the FC Barcelona. Despite not having suffered only physical mishaps during his career, began to suffer problems upon arrival in Barcelona, ​​what is topic of debate in France.

That is why L’Equipe accuses Barça directly to spoil a whole world champion with the French team for not performing a correct set up Dembélé physics.

The report includes statements from your private chef, Anthony Audebaud, who explains that the Barca end has given a radical turn to your daily routine to improve take care of even the smallest detail.

“There are no parties at home and also the change of food is making Grow as a professional. The boy thought that with playing how he played it was enough … now at home there is no precooked product. There are no sodas, just fresh and healthy food, “he says.

Audebaud also recognizes that Dembélé “has realized how should a professional be and only eats sea bream, sea bass, rooster and many vegetables. They have never taken care of him like now. He is a very homely and calm boy. Imposed lunch hours because he asked me and now everything is written. It is very professional. ”

The study of L’Equipe, which points out that 90% of soccer player injuries occur in sprints, criticizes that “the physiological profile of Dembélé, combined with the way of training in Barcelona, ​​is one of the key factors” because it is “explosive and fast, it demands his bodybuilding as a sprinter. While, training in Barcelona does not prepare you for these efforts they do not help you in the prevention of possible injuries ”.

The French media remembers that Dembélé did not suffer this type of injuries in his stage in the Borussia from Dortmund and close the report with statements from a technician who agreed with the end in the Rennes: “Ousmane is not responsible for his situation with injuries. It is victim of an early talent. In Rennes we had enormous pressure both in training and in matches, only we didn’t kill him there. ”

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