Sandro Rosell complains against the judge who held him two years in prison and will ask for compensation of 10 million

File photo of former president of Barca Sandro Rosell, upon arrival at the National Court.

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Sandro Rosell keep going in your search for compensation after spend 643 days in pretrial detention. The former president of FC Barcelona has filed a criminal complaint against the judge Carmen Lamela, who instructed his case in the Supreme Court, and who consistently denied bail.

As ‘El Mundo’ advances, Rosell accuses Lamela of two very serious crimes: documentary falsification and falsification. On this last point, he points out that the judge concealed evidence that would have been favorable in his case.

At the same time, Rosell’s lawyers have also prepared a civil lawsuit for 10 million euros against the State itself, considering that its trial lacked the minimum guarantees and that Justice did not act in good faith. This petition, as compensation, will be donated to people without resources who cannot afford a defense in conditions.

Rosell has undertaken a counterattack against those he considers guilty for the nearly two years in prison he had to go through. The former Blaugrana leader was accused by the Prosecutor’s Office of money laundering in the tender for exploitation rights over the Brazilian soccer team. Was acquitted.

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