Thiago Messi already scores goals like his father with Barça

Mateo Messi, at the Golden Ball gala.

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Thiago Messi, the eldest son of the Barça captain, does not hide his passion for football and is already beginning to take his first steps with the culé team. Registered in the prebenjamin team, the one of minors of 8 years, and with the number 10 of his father to the back, another Messi already marks goals.

It happened this past weekend. The team and the ‘Escola Sergio’ (named for Busquets) beat the ‘Escola Semedo’ for 9-2, with a double by little Thiago.

The first was a good dribble over a defender, who ended up crossing before the goalkeeper’s exit. The second was more difficult: he took advantage of a bad control of a teammate to take the ball and beat the other team’s goalkeeper again.

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