Justice confirms that Girona-Barcelona should not be disputed in Miami

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga.

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The owner of the 12th Mercantil player in Madrid, Ana María Gallego, dismissed LaLiga’s lawsuit against the decision of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) not to authorize the game last season Girona-Barcelona It will be played at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

According to the judge, the RFEF did not commit unlawful conduct of unfair competition by not authorizing the start of the meeting, since “the organization of competitions by LaLiga must be carried out in coordination” with the RFEF.

After the trial held on the 12th, the magistrate decided that the RFEF did not expressly deny the authorization, since the term for the final approval expired on January 5, 2019, but Barcelona resigned unilaterally to the game dispute scheduled for January 26.

Against this judgment it is possible to interpose an appeal before Section 28 of the Provincial Court of Madrid, the competent one in matters of commercial nature.

LaLiga statement

LaLiga has responded with a statement, announcing that they are going to appeal the sentence, because they do not give up their dream of watching a match of their competition in American lands:

“From LaLiga we respect but do not share the decision of the Commercial Court No. 12 of Madrid regarding the celebration of a LaLiga match in the United States, so we will appeal the decision.

LaLiga does not doubt that the competition must be coordinated with the RFEF, but this coordination cannot be based on arbitrary decisions and against the competition market.

We will continue to defend our rights and that of the clubs. Play A LaLiga match abroad, as other leagues of other sports like the NBA or the NFL already do, for example, it is something very positive for the growth of the competition, for our global fans and even for RFEF itself.

We will continue working on the international expansion of LaLiga, who already has 11 offices and 46 delegates around the world, plus 100 million global followers on social networks in which we speak 18 languages, and more than 80 agreements with international television operators. “

Thebes and the Kings

LaLiga is Honorary Ambassador of the Spain Brand in its category of International Relations for its work around the world and the professional football industry generates 1.37% of Spanish GDP, 185,000 jobs and 4,100 million euros in taxes. With the celebration of a party outside our borders we can continue to grow and generate wealth for the entire Spanish society.

We know that it is not an easy path, but we believe that we must continue along the line marked to not only grow, but also defend ourselves against the great global competition. “

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