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The match between Naples and FC Barcelona is in the crosshairs. That two teams from the two countries most affected in Europe by the coronavirus have made security measures extreme.

From the Italian side, who are the ones who move, they have not spared caution. The set of Gennaro Gattuso is following a strict protocol to avoid contagion these days.

Security measures are basic, but they are all being followed. Firstly, they have limited their movements to the maximum and they just leave home to go train to the Neapolitan sports city. They are prohibited going out to places to eat or have fun, and of course the group meetings.

In addition, Gattuso has had to modify his training plan, since only they are allowed to work two hours a day at most. Once completed, they take turns using the showers and they do it only in small groups.

This protocol, which has been unveiled by the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’, will be maintained not only for the match against Barça, but also for the next matches they have to play while the crisis lasts.

F.C. Barcelona Sport

F.C. Barcelona Sport News

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