The AFE issues a statement calling for the suspension of the European matches of the Spanish teams

The president of AFE, David Aganzo, addresses the members of FIFPro

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New initiative of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) and its Italian namesake, AIC, to curb the expansion of the coronavirus, in this case, safeguarding the soccer players health.

Given the recent decisions to dispute all Spanish sports behind closed doors, many athletes also demanded measures to protect their own health. One of the first clubs to demonstrate for not taking into account the health of those who are present in the stadiums (players, coaching staff, stadium employees …) was the Saragossa, and several teams have been added with the same idea.

Exercising their work to protect footballers, the two unions issued on Tuesday night a statement requesting the suspension of the matches of their teams in European competitions. However, not all parties, but those held in areas of greatest risk.

That is, those who take Spanish teams to Italy or vice versa. Chance or not of fate, of the six eighth crossings of Champions and Europa League of LaLiga teams, three of them are against Italian teams: Barça and Naples, Seville and Rome and Inter and Getafe, not counting that of Valencia and Atalanta, already disputed.

“In Italy, the level of national emergency rises over time. Play a game in Italy, where Getafe and Seville must travel, it will put at risk the health of many players, of many people“, the statement explains. He also mentions the difficulty and danger of traveling between both countries due to transport restrictions in Spain.

“AIC and AFE, together, they ask UEFA that the matches between Italian and Spanish teams are suspended to be disputed in the future in conditions of greater security and less national emergency in both countries, “he asks forcefully.

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga.

The major problem for the resolution of this petition lies in the immediacy with which the parties have to be celebrated. Both Sevilla-Roma and Inter-Getafe must dispute the next Thursday and there is hardly any room for maneuver.

The president of Getafe, Angel Torres has already announced that the azulones will not travel to Italy “in spite of who weighs”, so we must see how UEFA overcomes this controversial conflict.

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