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A former FC Barcelona physiotherapist has been accused of allegedly abusing another club employee and he faces seven years in prison.

The events occurred in 2016 at the Camp Nou facilities, the team’s stadium. The accused, J.LL, was a physiotherapist and osteopath of the team.

The Barça insurance company is listed as the direct civilian liable, so it would have to bear the relevant compensation. Barça acts as a subsidiary.

The public prosecution asks for the accused, in addition to seven years in prison, the prohibition of approaching the victim, six years of probation and an indemnity of 10,000 euros.

According to the prosecution, the club worker was referred by the club’s doctor to the physical therapist for treating a neck contracture. However, the physio began to massage her in the groin, to then go to the genitals and breasts, before which she “Initially could not react”, collects the writing of the prosecution, which maintains that it is sexual abuse.

Barça terminated the contract with the worker once the complaint became known, according to sources from the club to ‘El Periódico’.

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