The FC Barcelona squad agrees a general drop in their salaries to help the club

Sergi Roberto, in a Barça match.

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Soccer clubs are experiencing a completely atypical situation, after practically all leagues have had to be suspended indefinitely due to the threat of the coronavirus. That way, every weekend that goes by without soccer teams lose a lot of money and that’s why several of them are looking for the best way to make these losses are as slight as possible.

The FC Barcelona board, for example, has been negotiating with the players for several days joint way to face the situation and as reported by various media, they have already reached a beginning according to a great solution.

The measure they have chosen to take is that of a joint decrease in the salary of the players of the first team, something that will only affect the soccer players of the first soccer team. In this way, both the affiliate and other sections of the club will not have to see their affected income.

Bartomeu has already spoken to the captains of the club to convey his idea of ​​reducing the salaries of the players and they have shown him their support for to the president, which can be one of the most effective solutions. And is that salary mass Barça’s first team currently rounds the 500 million euros, after the decrease in the budgets of this season, assuming half of the total income of the club.

Joint strategy in Europe

Next Monday, the Barça president will meet, electronically, of course, with members of the ECA, UEFA and some European leagues to discuss different ways of dealing with the crisis that is coming upon the clubs.

Among other tactics that are being used in European football, the application of ERTEs club employees, as announced in countries like Switzerland, Germany or France, where other teams have also reduced the salary of their footballers.

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