Nicolás Maduro’s wink to Barcelona in the middle of the coronavirus crisis

Nicolás Maduro's wink to Barcelona in the middle of the coronavirus crisis

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The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, appeared before his compatriots to transmit the measures that his territory puts in place to combat the coronavirus pandemic, which is approaching the hundred deaths in the South American country. However, one of the things that caught the attention was that Maduro delivered his speech in the media wearing a tracksuit from the FC Barcelona.

The Venezuelan leader addressed the nation to announce government decisions in the face of the world health crisis that, among other things, has paralyzed the world of sports.

What is not known is why Maduro wore the Barça tracksuit, since he usually appears before the media dressed in a suit or in the classic tracksuit that bears the colors of the country’s flag.

The president announced the new restrictions, such as the tightening quarantine controlBut he also baffled international analysts for his clothing.

Maduro already said once “Long live Catalonia, long live Messi”, reason why his decision to wear the garment of the Catalan club has been considered as a new demo of his passion for Barcelona.

This made the South American president become a trend in social networks, since it caused a wave of comments for his clothing, since to date he had not shown that he was a culé fan.

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