Barça basketball players explode due to leaks about ERTE: “You want to destroy the team”

Real Madrid wins over Barcelona on Mirotic's return to the Palace

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He FC Barcelona will subject all of its workers, including players, to a ERTE to try to sustain the economic setback for the entity by the stoppage of the competitions.

Although it is not clear how, when and how much they are going to lose in the first soccer team, in basketball it can represent up to 70% of their salary.

Continuous information about ERTE within the training team Svetislav Pesic It has generated deep discomfort in the locker room. Specifically, three players in the squad have publicly referred to the talks that are coming out in different media.

The first has been Nikola Mirotic. The Hispanic Montenegrin has categorically denied having spoken to Josep María Bartomeu on the matter, nor has it been pressured to accept the conditions. According to him, has chosen to accept the club’s proposal to help.

What has most angered the culé squad is not the fact that Mirotic said yes or no, but that they are leaking private conversations to the press and, with it, they can be misinterpreted. Pau Ribas He has indicated in this regard that he does not want to see “leaks or manipulations that seek to break the locker room.”

And is that one of the problems that lie in this news point to two sides: one led by Mirotic and the other by the rest.

Who more angry has been shown by the networks on this matter has been Alex Abrines, which points to a mole within the culé entity.

“I do not know who filters things that have ONLY been spoken by a group of WhatsApp players and respective club bosses … but the only reason I see is that you want to destroy the team. YOU WILL NOT GET IT OR YES, and you will run out of equipment, “he warns.

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