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The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, at the 2018 Assembly

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The coach of FC Barcelona, Quique Setién, He has stated this Friday from his home that once you can resume football they will do it with “a lot of energy and a lot of strength”, although now he has stressed that, being positive, it is necessary to be at home to combat the pandemic of coronavirus.

“Hopefully it will be light, that you think this will happen soon and that when we start again everything will be fine and we will have a lot of energy and strength to start again,” he assured in a video provided by the blaugrana club.

Setién, confined to his family at home, assured that he tries to make the most of his time. “We try to maintain certain routines so as not to become stagnant. Hopefully this will happen soon, it will,” he predicted.

“The reality is that we try to stay active, pending what we have left and what we can give continuity from home. What is most lacking is this, It is green“he assured with a smile as he touched leaves of a plant.

Without losing his humor, the Blaugrana coach says that misses the “adrenaline” that the parties give him. “I miss that burden, that tension, that we have been feeding for forty years. Also training, being with the players, the good atmosphere there is … But what else, the green. And this plant is what most it seems to him “, he smiles.

Take the opportunity to read, and right now is with the charity story book ‘Sports heroes‘, written by various sports journalists and with a foreword by Andres Iniesta. “It is a solidarity project started years ago, with stories from various journalists. Iniesta says that behind a ball there is not only joy, but also solidarity,” he recalled.

“The truth is that I’m not from series, I don’t have time and one gets hooked on them soon. I saw the one from Game of Thrones, and I already have it a little forgotten. But I can’t see her again, because if not I have to ask that the confinement be extended and I want to train again, “he said.

On the other hand, he did not hide that his is not the kitchen. “My wife just left me the spoon, A wonderful meatball sauce is coming out. I more than this … This really works wonderfully. “, he assured taking a ‘Thermomix’. “My specialty is the potato omelette, it comes out great,” he boasted.

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