“It is not heroic to give up part of the salary if you earn so much”

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, at the 2018 Assembly

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The captain of the Barca of basketball, Before Tomic, has asked solidarity to those who are reluctant to accept the ERTE They are coming to sports clubs, including the Blaugrana club itself.

“It is not a heroic act to give up a part” of the salary for “someone who is lucky to earn so much money,” he said on Twitter in relation to the salary cut that your team prepares.

Tomic is aligned in this way with the thesis of Nikola Mirotic, the star of the team and the highest paid player, who on the eve indicated that he had accepted the reduction proposed by the club.

“This difficult situation due to the coronavirus makes us part of a much bigger team than Barça basketball and for someone who is lucky enough to win so much money, it is not a heroic act to give up part, compared to what they are going through people who earn less, “says the corata.

Tomic clarifies in this twitter thread that a few days ago he and Pierre oriola They met with the club to discuss this possible reduction: “We both accept the club’s proposal and then we shared it with our teammates and told them to individually communicate their decisions to the basketball director. “

Randolph and Mirotic, during a Real Madrid-Barcelona.

The center says that “many other players accepted” the club’s proposal and clarified that in no case Pau Ribas refused to accept it.

Negotiations between those responsible for the Barcelona sections and the players began on the basis of a 70% reduction in salary, effective as of March 13 and while the hiatus lasts due to the crisis in coronavirus.


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