A French channel reports Messi’s donation … with a picture of his double!


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The French channel M6 has been the author of a great mistake with Leo Messi as the protagonist. The French chain reported this weekend about the great gesture of the Barcelona footballer, who, like many other athletes, donated one million euros to fight the coronavirus.

M6 wanted to highlight him in his newscast together with Roger Federer putting an image of each one, but in the case of Messi, he made a tremendous mistake and put the image of his famous Iranian double instead of the footballer’s.

Messi’s double in M6

The networks did not take long to echo the error made by the production of the program and many were the users who shared the failure in their accounts, while the program continued without realizing that it was not Messi whom they were showing.

Solidarity ground, athletes are mobilizing to make donations“, indicated next to the graph from the program.

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