“All my life I wanted to go to the Spanish team and to much honor”

Xavi Hernández, at a press conference.

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Xavi Hernandez is learning the coaching trade from his last team as a player, the Al-sadd, but it is clear that his destiny is to end up directing the FC Barcelona, where he triumphed as a footballer.

The return to Camp Nou, if it occurs, must be done with very clear conditions: the first, to eliminate all negative elements both in the dressing room and in the environment. Implicitly, Xavi thus affirms that there are people who are harming the team from the outside, and he does not rule out the directive.

“I would like to be very in tune with everyone. In the locker room there can be no negative, toxic, and the medical issue is important … everything has to fit. I would like to enter with people from my environment to form a good team, “he says in an extensive interview in ‘La Vanguardia’.

For his team, he puts names on the table. “I would like to work together with people in whom I have confidence, with whom there is loyalty, and that they are very valid people. There cannot be anyone toxic near the locker room. We are talking about Carles Puyol, who was captain of Barça, and Jordi Cruyff, a very good businessman and with a lot of experience in the technical secretary, “he points out.

“I am very team, I do not want to decide alone. Here, we make the decisions with the staff … it is a horizontal structure, of consensus. Although then the last word corresponds to me,” he insists.

Catalan and Spanish

If Xavi has been in the mouth of society lately it has been for his position in favor of the independence movement. In this same interview he explains it.

For him, defending the colors of Spain was “a pride”. “I have never hidden. The political issue and injustices burst me, but it has nothing to do … All my life I have wanted to go to the Spanish selection and a lot of honor, “he says.

“What seems to me an injustice is that people have not been able to vote in a legal referendum”

In this sense, he claims to have “nothing against Spain”. Spain has given me a lot. And he has treated me very well, “he ditches about it, and explains his position on the referendum in Catalonia.

“What it seems to me an injustice is that people could not vote in a legal referendum. It lets people decide their future, which also manifests itself peacefully. I have only spoken in this regard. In favor of the freedom of the people, not against Spain “, he assures.

Xavi Hernández, at an event in Qatar (GTRES).

This opinion has led him to defend Qatari politics, something that Xavi justifies. “There are many prejudices regarding the Arab culture. I do not defend a dictatorship. Not at all. I have been widely criticized for human rights … But they themselves criticize themselves: for example, exhibits paintings on workers in the museum of modern art, Y shelter plurals think thanks who work on transformation. They are increasingly aware that certain things must be removed, but they need time. There are indefensible issues, such as freedom of the press or respect for homosexuality, but they have many very positive things “, he defends.

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