“I have no idea about soccer”


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Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, FC Barcelona goalkeeper, is not a footballer to use. Despite the social relevance he has for his work, he usually maintains a very low profile and is even news in his neighborhood for go to buy the bread with absolute normality and almost anonymous.

This detached character with the fame and divism that accompanies elite footballers even takes the field of play. “People laugh when I tell them that I have no idea about football. I don’t see a lot of soccer, except when there are good games or when I’m particularly interested in one because I have a relationship or a friend. Sometimes, they ask me for the name of a player and I have no idea“, he explains in an interview in ‘El País’.

The German goalkeeper leads a very homey life and at home he talks about topics that have little or nothing to do with football. “One thing that happens to me on the field and another is what happens to me in life. I always try to think. I don’t believe in the goalkeeper who breaks with the team or the footballer who does it from everyday life. It happens with my wife , what we talk a lot about his profession [es arquitecta]. These are things that people don’t see but are part of everyday life, “he confesses.


Like every inhabitant of Spain, Ter Stegen is subject to the confinement measures established by the state of alarm for the coronavirus. The German is doing well at the moment.

“It is a circumstance that makes us value much more the things in which we can believe, which are more basic, but which, in the end, are also the truly important ones. Regarding work, we are in contact every day with our physical trainers. It is it is necessary to maintain the form, although it is not yet known when we are going to play again, “he admits.

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