FC Barcelona cuts its staff salaries by 70 percent except in some cases for basketball


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“The Board of Directors of FC Barcelona, ​​the members of the staff of all professional sports and most of the basketball team have reached an agreement to reduce their salaries for as long as the Alert Status is prolonged because of of COVID-19 “, announced the Board of Directors.

Thus, only some players of the first basketball team, whose names have not been revealed, have not signed this agreement that includes all the other teams and, in the case of soccer, is superior even to that 70 percent pay cut.

“In the case of the first football team, the reduction will be greater than the 70% initially proposed by the club. This additional contribution from the squad, plus the contribution that the club will make, will guarantee 100% of the salaries of all staff not sports, which will undergo an ERTE this week, “said the entity.

In addition, FC Barcelona made explicit its thanks to the players for a gesture that will allow the club to reduce its expenses item at a time when, due to the stoppage of competitions due to COVID-19, revenues will decrease.

“The club wants to thank the involvement of its professional athletes, in a situation as exceptional as that generated by this health emergency,” the FC Barcelona statement concluded.

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