“He told me from the first day that the salary reduction had to be made”


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The publication of Leo Messi in which he confirmed the drop in wages of 70%, aid to other employees of the FC Barcelona and gave the board a stick he found the president’s response the Barça club Josep Maria Bartomeu.

The leaders came out of the controversy to explain in an interview to Sport that the Barcelona players, with Messi at the head, they were receptive to the measure proposal to lower the salary to alleviate lack of club income during the health crisis caused by the coronavirus.

Bartomeu revealed that he met with the players on March 20 to explain the financial situation of the club and propose a 70% pay cut of the players, highlighting that “from the first moment, Messi said that you have to do this.”

The statement from the players denounced that “from within the club there would be someone who tried to put ourselves under the magnifying glass and try to put pressure on us“, to which Bartomeu recognized that” perhaps they have been bothered by things that people inside and outside have said the club that do not have all the information but the negotiations were carried out alone Oscar Grau and I and we have not said anything. “

Despite the fact that the ‘yes’ of the players did not arrive until Monday, the president considers that it is “a gesture that demonstrate your commitment with the club ”, since, in addition to 70%, the players will contribute 2% more to face the difference in wages of workers affected by the ERTE.

In addition, he explained that “this proposal came from the captains.”

Player action will allow Barça save 14 million from the salary reduction of the first team and 2 million for the rest of the affected teams, handball, basketball, roller hockey, futsal, women’s, Barcelona B and youth A.

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