Messi confirms the decrease in Barça salaries and accuses the directive of putting pressure on them

Xavi Hernández, during a match of Al-Sadd.

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The FC Barcelona players finally announce the lower wages … with a message to the board. Leo Messi has published a statement on his social networks as team captain and on behalf of his teammates, in which he confirms that his wages will be lowered in the face of the economic crisis to which the coronavirus has assigned the club.

The locker room leader has announced that at all times the will of the players was to contribute with the Catalan economy and they did not hesitate for a moment to reduce their emoluments.

“We fully understand that this is an exceptional situation and we are the first to We have ALWAYS helped the club when asked. Many times we have even done it on our own initiative, at times we thought it necessary or important, “he explained in the statement.

In this way, they announce that the staff will reduce their salary by 70% and will make an extra contribution “so that the club workers can collect 100% of their salary while this situation lasts.”

In addition, the brief alleges that the players did not previously discuss the situation in order to find real solutions for the club.

However, the statement also dedicates a great bid to the board of Josep María Bartomeu, whom he accuses of having “put under the magnifying glass and added pressure“to the players, who justify that” if the agreement has been delayed it is because they were looking for a formula to help the club and its workers. “

The club confirms it in a statement

“The Board of Directors of FC Barcelona, ​​the members of the staff of all professional sports and most of the basketball team have reached an agreement to reduce their wages for as long as the state of alert is prolonged because of of the Covid-19.

In the case of the first soccer team, the reduction will be greater than the 70% initially proposed by the Club. This additional contribution from the staff, plus the contribution that the Club will make, will guarantee 100% of the salaries of all non-sports personnel, who will undergo an ERTE this week.

The Club wants to thank the involvement of its professional athletes, in a situation as exceptional as that generated as a result of this health emergency. “

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