the controversial cover of L’Equipe that has revolutionized networks

the controversial cover of L'Equipe that has revolutionized networks

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Leo Messi exerted last Monday as captain of Barcelona being he the one who communicated the reduction of the staff salary, after the club took several days “adding pressure and putting them under the magnifying glass”.

This action attracted attention in all corners of the sports world and it has earned the Argentine to star on the cover of the French media, L’Equipe… but become the Che Guevara.

The figure of leader and revolutionary that Messi has earned after the statement has made L’Equipe compare him to his compatriot, a promoter of the Cuban Revolution in the 1960s. In this way, the ’10’ re-erects itself as great benchmark for Barcelona, communicating a decision that the fans (and the coffers of the club) cried out for and has returned to expose the board.

As expected with such a shocking comparison, the cover has caused a lot stir on social networks. Many have shown their displeasure on Twitter with messages from “shame” or “vomit”, remembering that the figure with which Messi is compared, was the instigator of many guerrilla groups throughout South America.

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