two different ways to survive the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus

two different ways to survive the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus

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The crisis that plagues world football with the stoppage due to the coronavirus it affects all computers. The measures, however, are not being the same, and while there are clubs that ERTEs and Drastic Salary Reductions Announced of its footballers, others at the moment hold on and do not take action pending events.

However, the different situation in the two greats of Spanish football continues to surprise. Barça announced an ERTE at the club last week, which affects its employees, and its players have agreed to reduce their salary by 70%, not without controversy, since Leo Messi, Gerard Piqué and Luis Suárez They announced it through a statement in which charged harshly against the directive.

Josep Maria Bartomeu quickly had to go out to put out the umpteenth fire that had originated in Can Barça in a most turbulent season off the pitch. “Messi told me from the first day that this reduction had to be made,” said the Barça president in interviews with Sport and Mundo Deportivo with clear conciliatory intent. “This proposal came from the captains. It is a gesture that shows their commitment to the club,” he added.

And while at Barça economic emergencies have forced severe cuts and an ERTE to its employees (all except the football team, which has been a volunteer), Real Madrid hold on waiting to see what happens with the competitions. The culé budget is higher (1,047 million euros for, 822 of the whites) but it is not the case with the debt, which is negative in the case of Madridistas (155 ‘kilos’), while the azulgrana have a net debt of 207 million.

He spending on wages is the other big difference between both clubs. 456.2 million had the white team budgeted (according to Real Madrid itself) to face both sports and non-sport salaries, while Barça allocates 507 ‘kilos’ this season in sports squads (for football you have to add the rest of the sections: basketball, handball, women’s soccer, futsal and roller hockey). In addition, and always according to the budgets presented by the culé entity at the beginning of the season, the non-sports staff represents another 56, which makes the total cost of 563 million euros, more than one hundred above that of the eternal rival.

The differences in debt and wages partly explain the different ways of acting in both teams, but at Real Madrid they are aware that if the situation continues, measures should be taken. The players have been informed that at the moment there will be no reduction in salaries but they are aware that there may be in the future, while the club ensures that there will be no ERTE for the rest of the employees.

The worst case scenario is that the League and the Champions League are canceled. With 30% of the domestic competition still to be disputed, a large amount would not be entered for television rights (about 47 million); in the case of the continental tournament, the income from the market pool They are fundamental.

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