Barça will play a friendly benefit with Igualada when the pandemic passes

No matter the strong isolation measures that Igualada and three other Barcelona municipalities have, the figures do not stop growing. They are the worst focus in Catalonia. Of its 70,000 inhabitants, 332 covid-19 patients have already been confirmed.

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He FC Barcelona and CF Igualada will play a solidarity football game in Igualada (Barcelona), “when the situation allows it”, the proceeds of which will go to the Igualada Sociosanitary Consortium, which manages nursing homes and day hospitals for the elderly.

“We are very grateful to the board of directors because it is at these times when it is shown that they are more than a club,” said the Mayor of Igualada, Marc Castells, who has announced this “good news” together with the president of CF Igualada, Francesc Jorba, at the daily press conference to update the situation in the Conca d’Òdena, confined since last March 13 by the coronavirus outbreak at the Hospital of Igualada.

Jorba explained that the initiative came from the CF Igualada board and thanked the club’s quick response and predisposition: “The president called me yesterday Josep Maria Bartomeu and we had a very nice talk, he made himself available, very concerned about the situation in Conca d’Òdena “.

Although you have recognized that playing the match at Camp Nou “would be very nice”, the president of the CF Igualada “believes” that it should be held in Igualada because it is “the cornerstone of the Anoia region” and it will be “a game for all Anoians”.

“I hope this generates hope and transmits the feeling that we are not alone, that many people outside love us, look at us and appreciate us and will give us reason for optimism“the mayor wished, who celebrated the” push “and the initiative of the local soccer team.

The Igualada Hospital accumulates 608 positives of coronaviruses, of which 154 are health professionals, and 98 deceased.

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