Ronaldinho loses a soccer-tennis match against a thief and a murderer

Ronaldinho loses a soccer-tennis match against a thief and a murderer

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Ronaldinho remains incarcerated in the Asuncion Police Specialized Group Because he allegedly entered Paraguay with a forged passport. In addition, you may be involved in the investigation against a company engaged in money laundering.

The former soccer player spends most of his time in seclusion practicing sports and, practically always, he does it with a ball in the feet, either to play futsal or soccer-tennis with the rest of the prisoners.

The Brazilian disputes several games with his teammates, but it was not signed up in the futsal tournament of the penitentiary center, according to Sport, which quotes statements from Blas Pérez, head of the prison.

The official highlights that Ronaldinho keeps magic “intact” and he scores goals with kicks, never better said, while he continues looking for the way to regain his freedom.

Of course, Ronaldinho does not always win, as was seen in a soccer-tennis tournament in which he did decide to participate. The former star of FC Barcelona, among other teams, took a big surprise when he was defeated by a couple formed by a murderer and a thief, according to the mentioned medium.

The 2002 world champion and his partner were unable to Edgar Ramón Otazú Y Yoni David Mereles MartínezThey are both former police officers who were imprisoned and are serving sentences. The first was sentenced to 18 years prison for murder while the second must be 10 for theft, says Sport.

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