“I’m screwed, for me I was like a father”


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Santi Denia He was one of the closest players to Radomir Antic in his stage in the Atlético de Madrid. The current coach of the Spanish sub-19 team came to the mattress club when the Serb was still sitting on the Atletico bench. In statements to 20 minutes Sportyou he wanted to remember the one he has listed as “one of the most important coaches that LaLiga has had

Denia was very affected by the loss of a technician whom he considered a father. “I’m done to dust. For me he was like a father because he taught me how to become a better person and a footballer“He admitted.” We talked a lot and I have a terrible pain a bit mitigated because I went to see him in the hospital when he was admitted a long time ago and at least he can talk to him. “

The coach described him as a person with character “winner and strong, which helped him to train the three largest changing rooms. “Antic left his mark on the benches he passed through, letting the next technicians know that he had already been there.

“For me he was like a father because he taught me to become a better person and a footballer”

As manager, Denia also wanted to praise him for giving the player a lot of confidence, “even if it was nonsense what she wanted from him. The player knew that if Rado said it, it would work“His attack football proposal was always good,” he admits.

Finally, he wanted to recognize the role of his wife Vera in creating the genius that was Antic. “Rado was the storm well understood and Vera the calm that every genius needs

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