“Playing under Antic’s orders I did things that I didn’t know what I could do”


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Kiko Narvaez he was one of the most outstanding footballers of Atlético de Madrid who achieved the historic double in 1996 under the orders of the deceased Radomir Antic, and his goals and his peculiar celebration of the goalkeeper in the mattress hobby are still remembered.

The former Andalusian striker wanted to remember his coach in his most successful time as a player, in statements for 20 minutes SportYou. “He did a miracle with us“He began by saying.” We came from the mud and we got ahead. He made us all much better based on his innovative ideas of football that is more modern and different from the one that was playedKiko recalled.

“I did things playing under his orders, that I didn’t know how to do or thought that I didn’t have them”

The striker recalled that the team was playing a counterattack at the time, but that the arrival of the Serb changed everything. Antic promoted ideas “very different and attractive to the player”. “I will always have a fond memory for him because he made me a better footballer and the personality that ended up making me even a better guy worked for me, “he added.

In fact, Kiko admits that the Serb’s confidence and his way of transmitting it to the players was key in the team’s successes. “If he had to teach me to accompany my partner after a filtered pass, well I went and did it. I did things playing under his orders, that I didn’t know how to do or thought that I didn’t have them. He convinced me, “he explained. This conviction was his strongest weapon, which he compared to that of Johan Cruyff.

“He knew how to get the most out of us. Also, like We saw that what he was telling us worked, because we went and gave ourselves, metaphorically speaking, head-butting against the post because we won by doing it that way. “

“I will miss him a lot because he made himself loved and I will always be grateful to him and he will be in my memory forever,” concluded the former striker.

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