Are the transfers of 100 million euros in football over?

State of the ICU in Spain.

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In these days of absolute desert of competitions, it is common to see sports newspaper covers playing the wild card trick of possible signings: Neymar, Mbappé, Lautaro Martínez, Pogba or Haaland are some of the star names, but the outlook for this summer is unknown. Has the era of transfers around 100 million already ended?

Last year, Barça paid 120 million euros for Antoine Griezmann. Atlético’s response was to get hold of Joao Felix by 126. Real Madrid have spent some years without making a similar payment, but two of the most expensive signings in history bear his name (Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale).

The teams that have signed for more than a hundred million are several. To the three Spaniards we must add the Manchester United to Juventus and, above all, to Paris Saint-Germain, the club that burst the market with the purchases of Neymar (222) and Mbappé (180).

“I think that the ones who are going to be affected (by the crisis) are the small teams, they are the ones who really do not know in what position they are going to finish the League and do not know what conditions they will be in the following year. The big teams are going to continue along the same lines, even more knowing that sooner or later the championships will end and everything will remain the same, “explains the soccer agent José María Minguella (son) to 20 minutes.

That is why Minguella explains that there will continue to be exorbitant signings. “Everyone knows that Barça are trying to sign Lautaro and Inter refers you to the 111 million termination clause. So, yes they will see signings of 100 million. “

More restrained is Julio Llorente, representative of players (like his nephew Marcos, from Atleti), for whom the key is in what will happen with the calendar. “It all depends on whether the competitions are resumed or not. It is true that this summer, with the questions that exist, no one will jump into making big signings. But if in the next windows everything is solved and normal life is done, I think that long-term will not affect. “

“The clubs are going to go through these months due to financial problems, they are not going to enter what they anticipated. That, in the summer months when the transfer market opens, it will show. Then it depends on whether the competitions are over or not, right now there is a very big question. It is evident that there is going to be a very big change, but not only in football but at a social level, “Julio Llorente tells 20 minutes.

He expert lawyer in football law Toni Roca believes that, at the moment, the signings of 100 million are not going to take place, “I It would be surprising if we saw flashy signings for those amounts. Already there is even talk of cancellations (of competitions), I think it would be very risky for the clubs to embark on billionaire signings when they are going to lose a lot of money on television, merchandising, sponsors and others ».

Of course, Roca believes that it will be a transitory situation. “There will be a lot of change of cards, although I think that when we go back to a some normality we will see those transfers of 100 million. This may come in handy to moderate the market a little, but if the televisions continue to pay a lot of money, we will return to the same situation as before. “

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