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Josep María Bartomeu became president of FC Barcelona after Sandro Rosell’s resignation in 2014. A year later, he called early elections where he declared himself the winner and was dedicated to the front of the club after the treble of 2015.

However, its management has generated much controversy for different decisions and actions that have transpired, such as the recent ‘Barça Gate’. He last of the scandals Bartomeu himself stars again, having asked for the resignation of two of its vice presidents, thus accumulating seven different names that have left the club under his mandate.

Javier Faus

Faus was the first manager to leave Bartomeu’s ship. The former economic and strategic vice president of Barça starred in a controversy with Messi in which the Argentine claimed that “he had no idea about football.” The Catalan was the driving force behind the agreement with Qatar and later Qatar Airways.

However, with the renewed agreement agreed, Bartomeu asked for more money and this went to hell. Faus resigned before the 2015 elections that they revalidated the president in command of the club.

Susana Monje