“We could have met in 2021 with the boys”


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Jenni Beautiful, one of the captains of the Spanish soccer team, assured this Thursday that he would love to win a Eurocup or a World Cup with the Red.

“I cannot retire without having won something with the national team,” said the Madrid player in a virtual interview with fans of the national team.

The Barcelona forward, international 79 times, He acknowledged that he aspires to win a great title with the national team, with which he pursues the classification for the next Eurocup.

That tournament was to be held in 2021, in England, although UEFA decided to postpone it to 2022 due to its coincidence with the Tokyo Olympics and the male Euro, delayed one year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Maybe we could find some dates to play in 2021, although it would have coincided with the boys, I don’t think it would have been uncomfortable for anyone“exposed the top scorer of the First Iberdrola.

Jenni Hermoso, who would reach the 2022 Euro Cup at the age of 32, considered that It might not be “as physically good” as it was in 2021.

In two years, however, he pointed out that the Spanish team will have “more training to arrive with a stronger team and a much better game,” he said.

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